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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 20, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> bill: accused murder error george zimmerman in court today apologizing to the family of travvon masht. we'll have the latest on that and the huge difference of how abc news and nbc news are covering thin tense story. >> i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. michelle wasn't but somebody gave us a chance. mitt. >> bill: is mitt romney upset that implied he might be a silver spoon guy? also tonight the oreo cookie people may be in trouble for this ad. >> uh-oh. >> oh, baby. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching
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us tonight. the killing of 17-year-old in sanford, florida is now a national story and a number of areas not just a crime situation as you will remember president obama weighed in on the case. two competing news agencies, abc and nbc news covering the another two completely different ways. abc news has done 42 stories on the martin/zimmerman situation since march 10th. that's a lot. the latest today on good morning america when abc news rortd matt gutman discussed some very important evidence. >> this photographed obtained exclusively by abc news appears to show the bloody back of george zimmerman's head and apparently taken just moments after the neighborhood watch volunteer shot 17-year-old travvon martin on february 26th. the photograph appears to be the first publicly disclosed evidence supporting zimmerman's account that the shooting was in self-defense and that during their scuffle that night, martin repeatedly bashed his head on the concrete sidewalk.
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>> bill: abc news has basically been reporting the martin zimmerman case as a hard news story with little commentary attached to it nbc news has been doing the exact opposite. that operation is now invested in convicting george zimmerman of murdering travvon. >> what possible explanation is there for why this young man was shot at? the guy is armed. he knows he has to stand your ground law on his side. is he acting like some kind of pseudo policeman. he has no authority whatsoever. is he on some kind of neighborhood watch thing. it is a toxic mix. >> travvon martin is quickly turning into the civil rights figure of our time. because he was gunned down while doing the simplest of acts. just walking home from a 7/11 store and talking to his girlfriend on a cell phone. you live in a country where your teenage son can get a's and b's in high school. be well-liked by his teachers. never get in trouble with the law and run out to buy a snack during halftime of the nba
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all-star game and never come home. because someone decides he has the right to execute your son. >> bill: so, it is striking the difference between abc news and nbc news in this case. more on that in a moment. first what happened today. florida judge kenneth lester granted george zimmerman bail of $150,000. zimmerman will not be allowed to drink, use drugs, or have any firearms. also, he has to wear electronic monitoring device. in court, zimmerman apologized to the martin family. >> i am sorry for the loss of your son. i did not know how old he was. i thought he was a little bit younger than i am. i did not know if he was armed or not. >> bill: but the lawyer for the martins was unmoved by zimmerman's statement. >> all throughout the hearing, tracy martin had tears in his eyes as he watched the killer of his son.
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and it was devastating that he got to give a self-serving apology to help him get a bond. >> bill: obviously feelings continue to run very high. but back to abc and nbc news. as talking points has stated, it is very dangerous for any news operation to try a criminal case on television. that is what nbc has chosen to do through cable arm msnbc. in its process a heavy racial component has been introduced into the case and if mr. zimmerman is not convicted, violence is certainly possible. in fact, there are some who believe the only reason zimmerman was arrested in the first place was because of the racial component of the case. now, that's pure speculation and, again, we believe the florida authorities are competent and are running a fair case. however it is now up to the jury to decide whether george zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder. that being said, the abc news exclusive this morning is news worthy. obviously zimmerman's defense will be that he was attacked
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by mr. martin and had the right to stand his ground. but it is troubling that evidence like blood on mr. zimmerman's head is delivered to the public on tv. in great britain the court can prevent the press from reporting on criminal cases that go to trial if authorities believe that justice could be tainted by media expositions. it's worth noting that great britain gives judges the power to make those who file frivolous lawsuits pay the entire cost of the case. thereby making it more difficult to game the legal system. talking points believes there is merit in the british hard line between british justice abuse. the fact that we now have two major television news operations covering a very important story in opposite directions, says a lot about where we are as a nation. the factor believes that the media should use restraint in its coverage of the martin zimmerman case. we don't believe that commentators who have already convicted mr. zimmerman are responsible. in fact, we believe they have hurt this country. and we will continue to cover
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the case without prejudice. and that's the memo. in a moment, geraldo will react to the battle between abc and nbc news. he has worked in both place. and, later, is mitt romney a silver spoon guy? that's what president obama may want you to believe. may want you to believe. and we are coming right back. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provida better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪ ha ha!
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>> bill: here now fox news
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anchor geraldo rivera, and you say? >> i, first of all, want to point out that i spent many years in both news organizations, 15 at abc, eight at nbc. i think they are honorable people. but nbc has changed since i was there it was the creation of msnbc or decision by msnbc to choose ideological sides in life generally and most specifically in this criminal action. i believe that they made an ideological decision that they would be on the side of the victim in this case and that thy would argue strenuously for the prosecution for the conviction of george zimmerman. when you point to chris matthews. al sharpton; mr. ed schultz, you have people very firm conviction it's not so much about the evidence as it is about the fact that a young,
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unarmed black teenager was shot dead doing -- >> bill: none of those people were there and they don't know what happened. here is what is happening in the country. have you got this big fisher, they come up with startling shot of zimmerman's head covered with blood, okay? so that's on channel 7, and then you turn to channel 4 and instead of hard news niagara falls. you have, as you put it, an ideological take on a life or death story that's going to be decided by a jury. now, in your opinion, does this taint the entire nbc news operation? >> well, that's an excellent question. i think taint might be a strong word. let me just say that nbc also has people like pete williams who are lawyered and excellent analysts and abc has dan abrams a wonderful analyst also, i believe they are now invested, bill, in a way that is more political than it is legality niagara falls. >> bill: the whole
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organization. >> reverend al sharpton i hold him in high regard and i understand many many people do not. they think is he a charlton. i think is he a fine civil rights leader who has changed his life in the last 20 years. is he one of the moving forces -- >> bill: he has been -- this has not been a good moment for him. >> here you have al sharpton as the face pushing the arrest of george zimmerman. he also anchors his own shown on msnbc. how could it not effect that network's coverage? i believe they are cheerleading for the conviction of george zimmerman. i have no doubt about it. >> bill: here is another difficult question. when you were at nbc, it was tom brokaw in charge. he didn't like you by the way. >> the feeling -- i won't even go there. >> bill: i will. the reason that brokaw didn't like you and actually undercut your career, actively, that's what brokaw did to geraldo is because he thought you were a zealot. he thought you were doing what sharpton does. an advocate rather than a
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reporter. and that's why broke call didn't owe owe broke call didn't want you around who carries about brokaw, is he retired. >> bill: he is he not. he is still deeply engrained. >> nbc had not assumed the man tell of far left aggressive advocates at that time. >> bill: he is still there, brokaw, he works for them. williams is the main anchor and he puts himself up as a brokaw. >> i don't deny their sincerity, bill. but i believe there was a marketing decision made by the mentors at nbc to create an msnbc the antibody or the antichrist or the antidote of fox news. >> bill: how is that affecting the entire operation? >> i think if you look at their hard news, i'm not going to defend nbc. if you look at their hard news operation, it is not the same as martin ba shear and larry
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o'donnell and ed and al sharpton. i think there is a distinction. >> bill: you think they can get away with it. >> i think they can get away with it as long as they have an audience. we are coming on the 20th anniversary of the rodney king decision. all white juriy in semivalley acquitted the cops who were seen clearly beating up rodney king. coming up on the 20th anniversary of that. the people could see in their own eyes. george zimmerman. a case flimsy case at best. this never should have been a murder 2 wrap. this was involuntary manslaughter at best. there was no depraved indifference. this was an accident. this is a perfect storm. >> bill: the evidence as it is -- but you don't know the evidence yet. >> bill, there is a situation here where george zimmerman is going to be acquitted and
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people are going to be disappointed because of advocates like msnbc to bring it full circle to your point. i'm coming around to agree with you. you are not listening. >> bill: you are not agreeing with me. you are doing exactly what msnbc is doing on the opposite way. look, i said in the talking points memo that i have confidence that the florida authorities are running a fair operation. >> do you believe a murder 2 is a fair wrap rap? >> bill: i don't know what they have. i'm going to withhold judgment on it. >> what could they have? there is one witness in this case? >> bill: maybe they have something else. >> they have one witness and that's the defendant. >> bill: you don't know what they will bring. >> he will be acquitted and people will be upset because they have been led down the prim rose path by people who are hearkening back to immitt hill and the civil rights day. >> bill: that's what they are doing. >> here you have a perfect storm of a kid wearing a hoody in a neighborhood where kids wearing hoodies have been
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burglarizing this houses. you have neighborhood watch overzealous ill judgment, has a gun. he shoots the kid. he kills the kid. he didn't set out to kill the kid. the kid was innocent and, yet, you might have a situation here, i believe, where there is isn't a criminal act as much as there is a tragedy. >> bill: you just corrected yourself because you said you might. that's fine. >> of course. >> bill: the bottom line on this is that zealots on the left are convicting martin because of past crimes against african-americans. that's what they are doing. >> you can't withhold zealotry on the right. how county national rifle association in texas get $10,000 for the defense of george zimmerman in that is zealotry on the other side. there is a racial divide that is being exacerbated by cheerleaders on both sides. >> bill: i don't want to see you doing what they are doing. >> i'm playing it right down the middle. that's why everyone talks to me but nobody -- but everybody is still mad at me because i
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haven't bought into either argument. i think this is an awful tragedy. my heart goes out to the parents. >> bill: the tragedy is that brokaw still hates you. [ laughter ] >> as long as you don't. >> bill: there you go. directly ahead, is mitt romney a silver spoon guy? president obama may be branding him that. and later, an unbelievably controversial picture from the company that makes oreo cookies. wait until you hear about. this factor all across the u.s. and all around the
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>> bill: impact signaturement tonight. we have a bit of a brouhaha. interesting word over a sound bite from president obama and mitt romney's reaction to it. >> somebody gave me an education. i wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth.
11:20 pm
michelle wasn't, but somebody gave us a chance. just like these folks up here are looking for a chance. >> in my case i'm certainly not going to apologize for my dad and his success in life. he was born poor. he worked his way to become very successful despite the fact he didn't have college degree. he wanted to provide for me and my brothers and sisters. i'm not going to apologize my dad's success i know the president likes to fellow americans. >> bill: so, leslie, the white house says president obama was not referring to mitt romney with the silver spoon comment. are you buying that? >> no. [ laughter ] no three years ago we could say that when he made that remark before. but when he is saying that. >> bill: when did he make it before? i don't remember that. >> jay carney said that he said it three years ago. the president said that comment three years ago and it wasn't based, you know, toward mitt romney then.
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but i do think that now it is based not only toward mitt romney but toward rich republicans on the right. specifically. >> bill: all right. now, is there anything wrong in your mind, since you are a dedicated liberal, leslie, with silver spoon americans? anything wrong with that for them running for office? is that a deficit? i don't think there is anything wrong with silver spoon americans. i wish one of them would adopt me. we have 99% that aren't born with a silver spoon. i think what the president is doing hey, look, i'm a rich guy now. i wasn't always. i was like you. i'm looking out for you. this is how i differ from this guy. >> bill: nothing wrong with the silver spoon set. janine, how do you say this? >> well, the way i see this is a fundamental problem here. first of all, money doesn't solve problems and money doesn't guarantee success. there are a lot of children that were raised in rich families that end up becoming
11:22 pm
incapable alcoholics, derelict in responsibility. money isn't the answer here. what the answer is is character. i think most americans can see through that. character, leadership, true grit, determination, all those things that america great or person great with their life. incentive, pride, money, money does not give us that. >> bill: no. there is class envy and certainly president obama has tapped into that leslie, you would have to admit that, you know, portraying romney as this rich fat cat who doesn't care and is out of touch with americans as the white house and re-election campaign for president obama has done time and time again, nazareth car stuff. you know, it's on and on and on. the guy doesn't know. sthor trying to portray romney as a silver spooner guy. totally out of touch. doesn't care about the nazareth car people. just the owner fashion car people. >> i jo disagree that will be
11:23 pm
the theme. mitt romney is the 1% of the 1%. this is who the republicans are putting forth as their candidate. this is a man who is wealthy, who is looking out for his buddies. i think the president is smart to do that quite frankly because overwhelming majority of us are not in the 1%. >> bill: if i were mitt romney, janine and i got this thrown at me by president obama on a debate forum or anything like that, i would stick around and say did you say the same thing about john f. kennedy? he was a 1%er. did you do that fdr was a one percenter, what are you doing? >> i had that same thought earlier this week. >> bill: george washington the richest president of all of them. and are you saying that you are not qualified for public service and then the president would say no, he is just out of touch, he doesn't know what the concerns are. and then you could say the same thing about jfk. lived in hyannis port. he lived in palm beach.
11:24 pm
educated at harvard. i mean, i'm researching my kennedy book now. and it's very interesting. jfk's approach to black americans back then when he was president. i'm not going to give anything away. but i think obama that, president obama leaves himself open here big time, leslie, if he starts to go down this road seriously. i hear what you saying if you look back and talk about other people like jfk, certainly rockefeller, et cetera, donald trump, people somebody would say had it handed to them versus worked for it i don't think -- that is not the point that i hear the president making president is making the point that you have a rich candidate who is proposing to go against legislation that would make, for example, you know, the buffet rule to make rich people pay more. >> bill: is he going to say is he trying to protect his own. that's legitimate. and romney is going to have to
11:25 pm
answer that. >> i think the bottom line is americans are smarter than. this americans don't really care. what they care about is $4 gas being bullied by foreign countries, your children might have to wait six months to get an mri. the incredible debt and deficit. what kind of messages are we teaching our children. it's okay to be in debt. okay to be followed by creditors. it's okay to be bullied. our country is being bull idea. some bigger issues than. this americans are smarter and they are going to see right through it. >> ladies thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. lou dobbs on whether the feds should track down greedy oil speculators and bring them to the factor where dobbs and i can interrogate them. also ahead, the oreo cookie company getting something off their chest. their chest. having an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation their chest. puts you at 5 times greater risk of stroke. don't wait. go to for a free discussion guide to help you talk to your doctor about reducing your risk.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know the "l.a. times" printed grizzly
11:29 pm
photographs of u.s. servicemen in afghanistan posing with dismembered bodies of taliban bombers. after pictures ran all over the world we did show one of them so you could see what the controversy was. but we will not do so again. tonight we want to know how the military is processing all of this. joining from us boston fox news military analyst colonel david hunt. first of all, should the newspaper have shown the picture? >> yep. i have no problem with it. it was a 2-year-old incident. they waited three days after the pentagon asked them. the pentagon was checking to see if it would affects safety and security in afghanistan. i think it's -- war is a brutal thing and i think american public needs to see some of it i think we have forgotten what's been going on and it's a reminder. >> all right. now i disagree. i think they could have done t in a narrative way rather than showing a picture and here is why. picture like that goes out over the internet to all of the muslim countries and their web sites. they are not going to say that this taliban suicide bomber
11:30 pm
was blown up. he blew himself up and these guys just gathered around the remains. they are going to say the american military did this. cut the guys up. so it's going to be used in propaganda in that way. you know that's true, colonel. >> it could be used as propaganda. we have also had the koran and a lot of other incidents in the last in 10 years. >> bill: we will get to that if i'm the editor of the "l.a. times." i know that the picture that i'm going to show on my web site, and this guy wouldn't come on the air, colonel, is he not as brave as you are, all right? he is hiding under his desk there in los angeles. i know that, yes, the american people and, you are right, should know the horror of what's going on in afghanistan. you can say that in a narrative way. when you put that picture on their web site, it's right away in the muslim world and it's being mischaracterized and used against our troops to whip up even more hatred toward them. so, therefore, i don't do it, am i wrong? >> yeah. i think you are. i think it's a visual world.
11:31 pm
i think can you describe. i understand the journalistic distinction you are making. i think that the picture needs to be shown, again, because i think. >> bill: you don't care about the propaganda aspect of it coming back on our guys over there. >> i think it's more important for the propaganda in this country to understand we have 100,000 guys in afghanistan and we seem to have forgotten about them. and, again, the "l.a. times" asked. the "l.a. times" asked permission. >> bill: 99,000 of the guys are good people and 1,000 are psychopaths that do damage and we reported on the guy, the sergeant who killed the civilians and we reported on the koran burning in bag -- bag gram. we report on everything. i don't think the american people are deprived. i don't think is military discipline breaking down because the "new york times" said they ran the story to tell their readers that discipline may be breaking down in the theater. do you think it is. >> no. i think in niece units, this
11:32 pm
picture from the 82nd airborne division, that specific squad or platoon has a real discipline problem. marines taking pictures of themselves urinating on afghans. that unit has. it's a small unit level. i have some problems with leadership on strategy but as far as individual soldiers and their units, i think what you have got is individual cases of ill discipline and they need to be treated as such. i don't think it's across the board. >> bill: if you look at what this is, and i'm not condoning it, of course, but it's not that big of deal in the sense that these soldier, u.s. soldiers they didn't mutilate anybody. they didn't do anything. all they did was found these guys and they were insensitive enough. and i think that's the proper word, to stand behind them to do some zoo-like pictures to show their comrades look what happens when you are a suicide bomber. in your opinion t isn't across the board vietnam situation where a lot of discipline
11:33 pm
broke down after a very very long conflict that wasn't popular at home. you are not seeing that same thing in the afghan theater? >> i think after 10 years there is a possibility. it's not there yet. >> bill: not there yet. >> no. and it is a serious thing what they did, bill. you cannot could doo what they did. >> bill: i agree. you can't do it. it's not murder. it's not abu ghraib. it's not the guy killing the civilians. and so we have to make. >> no. >> bill: we have to put it into some kind of perspective. it's imtutor. it's insensitivity. it makes the u.s. military look bad. it makes the united states of america look bad. therefore, you can't have it. you just can't have it now panetta said to the "new york times" called them himself and said don't do it. the "l.a. times" said sorry, defense secretary we're going to do what we want. >> the "l.a. times" did wait for three days. the department of defense wanted to know if what the security reaction would be. they did wait three days. and but and was still
11:34 pm
complaining. my issue cass more about worrying about public relations because the other incidents we talked about versus security for the person american soldiers. >> bill: they don't want any more bad publicity that's for sure. >> public relations not security. >> bill: all right, colonel. thank you. when we come right back, lou dobbs on whether the feds should track down greedy oil speculators. would that help the folks? and then the dumbest things of the week. the oreo cookie company may be in deep trouble. moments away. picking a wireless network
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the lou's the boss segment tonight. president obama is calling for oversight in the oil speculation market to try to stem the crazy gas prices. whether this is a worthy endeavor for the president. is it? >> it's worthy to bring attention to it to start
11:38 pm
talking, conflating manipulation and speculation whether it be in the crude oil markets or anywhere else is irresponsible on the part of the president. >> bill: you know this eric bolling guy? >> sure. co-host of fox. >> bill: can you give him some of your ties? he was on earlier this week and said the speculators are really responsible for about 30% of the price drive-up at the pump. and bowling is a i i boggle is a bowling is a free marketeer. >> i'm very skeptical of government. especially when you talk about raising margins up to 50%. makes no economic or financial sense. secondly, the regulatory agency in this case is the commodity future trading commission. it has been historically, traditionally weak and poorly led. >> bill: i'm putting you in charge of it. what do you do? >> first thing is i look for a different job because i wouldn't like that at all. >> bill: it doesn't matter. you have to do it.
11:39 pm
you are in charge of that. >> i would do precisely what they have done. which is limit positions which is different than raising margins. >> bill: explain that to me. i don't know what that means. >> instead of -- one hedge fund or any user in the oil markets being able to corner 30% of the market, make that maximum at most 10% of the market. >> bill: you cut down the volume of oil barrels they are able to control for their purposes of. >> in the cases of speculators that's exactly right. >> for me, that's garbage. it's vegas. all right? it's garbage. not doing anything, anybody good for anybody. >> okay. the traditional response for that is, they provide leg at this. that is more -- >> bill: what does that mean. >> you have more buyers and therefore higher and more attractive price. >> bill: i don't care about that. >> we have to ask what do we care about. what's at issue here is whether or not the system works.
11:40 pm
for. >> bill: it doesn't work. >> well, it doesn't. >> bill: plenty of supply and the price goes up. that's not supply and demand. >> by the way, you are exactly correct. >> he yes. >> this isn't the answer. the answer is to look at why prices at this point with demand at 15-year low are high. it's not because of what is happening. >> bill: it's iran doing. this it's somalia doing that it's some camel who breaks down in the desert. come on. make every excuse in the world. >> i'm not making any excuse. there. >> bill: there is a duck that ran across the processing plant. we couldn't get the duck off. >> your niagara falls as usual is a lot more fun than what i have to offer. >> bill: all right. >> the fact of the matter is we are exporting gasoline right now. >> bill: that's right. going to china and other places. >> the fact of the matter is that we have got march jirn not going to effect the folks as much as it has.
11:41 pm
that's a fair deal. >> it's not going to happen. let me assure you this president. >> you think he is all talk and no action. >> i know he is regulatory agency that has to act is acted. it's being forestalled by industry groups. >> bill: don't do it? >> the cme, the exchange that operates change requirements and they haven't but they will. >> bill: after the president sees the factor tonight he will appoint you and you will get it done. i have a method to my madness here as long as you are available to us on friday. do you know robert? is he a communist, right? >> communist, slash socialist. he is confused. >> bill: guy secretly adores carl marks up there in cambridge. he says that because the u.s. companies are now multi national. and we just touched upon. this american oil companies selling a product overseas that the government now has to step in to make sure that our economy is good. roll the tape.
11:42 pm
>> now they are global. so, if we don't have a government that is investigating in our people and education, in job skills, in infrastructure and public transportation, basic research and development, all the things we need go. to do we can't expect the big corporations are going to do it. >> bill: he says the private sector is no longer going to invest in america because they are interested in making money all over the world than any other place and you say. >> i say he is right on at least in one respect. the government won't be watching much happen in the way of private investment as long as it continues to borrow trillions of dollars and suck that capital out of the private economy. how can companies invest if government is sucking up all of the resources? but, number two, businesses aren't the ones who create infrastructure. it is always the public sector. whether it is the highway system or whether it is massive projects like dams and bridges. come on. he is economist, he knows better than that. >> bill: know doesn't. what rich is saying, the
11:43 pm
government has to fund solyndra, it has to fund electric cars. >> sure. >> bill: he has to do it. because the private sector is not going to do it making enough money with the suvs. blank you we are not going to put r and d money in there the government says has to do it or nothing will get done. and you say. >> nothing will get done for all the cronies, buddies and donors of president obama because that's where the money is going. >> bill: write about the private sector not investing because they are making so much money now in the old way, why put it into the new way? >> well, the fact of the matter is that the private sector is investing. and the fact of the matter is, innovation occurs in this country in our factories, our manufacturing facilities. >> bill: you are not buying what he says? >> absolutely not. >> bill: he is just a communist? >> we will leave him at communist for this evening. if that's all right. >> bill: that's fine. lou dobbs, everybody. there you go. dumbest things of the week on deck. some good ones tonight.
11:44 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tongted. dumbest things of the week. here they are. you just help us articulate that. i just want everybody to understand. >> we appreciate that. >> bill: arthel has chosen a very controversial picture. take a look at this. the kraft food company, crafting this advertisement
11:48 pm
showing a baby and an oreo cookie. the punch line, milk's favorite cookie. i think we all got that so kraft says the ad was never intended to run anywhere. are you buying that? >> not buying it here's the deal. it supposedly, first of all it was not produced by kraft, they are saying it was their advertising company. >> bill: that's the same thing. >> throw it out. it was not supposed to go public. i throw that out, too. meant for advertising forum only as a one-time use. come on. >> bill: nobody understands what that is what is advertising forum. >> we called kraft to try to get an explanation. they were not available to provide explanation. >> not available. nobody know what is that is. >> that is supposedly where the advertising geniuses hang out. >> bill: you are not buying it? >> you should have seen the original advertisement instead of breast its with a bottled scotch. this is vast improvement over what they had. >> bill: that's not true, gutfeld. because oreos go good with milk. we like oreos but let's get to
11:49 pm
the crux of the matter. is this offensive to you as a woman? >> i think certainly nothing unnatural about breast feeding. putting it out there. >> bill: out there is that a pun? >> yeah, i think this is a pun. i think exposing like that. >> bill: doesn't look real happy about this. >> cute kid. i wanted kid myself. >> bill: kid is unavailable for comment because he can't speak english offended by that gutfeld. >> i'm not offended. it's a beautiful beautiful picture. >> bill: there you go. nature at its finest. >> i do have to sit next to him every week? >> bill: yes, do you. the denver broncho's football team auditioning a male cheerleader. >> i'm at the denver broncho's cheerleader tryouts. i'm going to try out to be the first male broncho's cheerleader ever. it's huge. i'm excited. thrilled. no male has ever made it through auditions. i don't even know if he male made it to the auditions. >> it's an open call so anyone
11:50 pm
can show up and try out. we do base everyone on dance ability. >> when i dance, i lose myself. i used to have a sign job where i hold a sign on a street corner and i would do so many dance routines for people. >> bill: gutfeld, here is what i am surprised at that you yourself weren't at that tryout for you red eye. you didn't inject yourself into this story? >> i'm not as limber as sasha. the reason why i chose this as the dumbest thing is he was not chosen. >> bill: he didn't make it. >> he was rejected out of the 200 am casts. >> bill: he loses himself. >> we live in an era of quality where women can drive and vote and men can't cheer? what is wrong with america. this is not the mercury want to be in, bill. i want to move to hawaii. >> bill: apparently he doesn't have the right stuff, arthel, does he? >> he doesn't. he should have been in knap napoleon dynamite. >> i don't want him to be discouraged. >> it's not dumb because is he living his dream.
11:51 pm
absolutely. >> bill: there are 27 other nfl teams. some of them you will get beat up if you go to oakland, definitely. they will thrash you don't go there. >> by the way hawaii is america. >> i know it was a joke. he did say he will be back. but we have heard that before. >> bill: i have chosen madonna because, you know, well, whatever. she has a daughter, 15, and the daughter was caught smoking. let's roll the tape. >> her oldest daughter is now 15. at this moment she is is in image's dog house. >> there was a picture the other day in the paper with a cigarette. >> yes. >> and i thought, how did madonna react to that? >> she wasn't very happy. cigarette smoking i'm not very fond of. for anyone. i don't approve of anyone smoking cigarettes. most of all my daughter. >> there is is a video with a cigarette in your mouth. >> i don't smoke. that's just an accessory, harry. there is a difference.
11:52 pm
>> bill: pinhead doesn't even begin to cover it arthel, what do you think? >> we cannot try to interfere with ms. that done naps parenting skills. you know you are a parent. she can be a good parent and kids do what they want to do. >> bill: kids smoke on the video. >> if anybody should be allowed to smoke should t. should be madonna's daughter. your mother wrote like a virgin you have to live with that the rest of your life. i would be smoking crack. i probably am. no this is a poor example. madonna doesn't have to use this stuff in her video. it's gratuitous which means unnecessary for madonna if she is listening. you are a pinhead if for doing it i hope your daughter doesn't get addicted to tobacco because it's a terrible thing. there you go. pinheads and patriots on deck. cnn anchor and pot. p and p just over two minutes away. e love gardening...
11:53 pm
yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. we're armed, and inexperienced. people call me an over-waterer. [ female announcer ] with miracle-gro, you don't have to a great gardener to have a green thumb. every miracle-gro product helps your garden grow bigger, more beautiful flowers and bountiful vegetables. guaranteed. so even if... i have all these tools, and i have no idea how to use them. [ female announcer ] everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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>> all right. even though the liberal web sites are saying i criticized "glee, requests i did not. i said that putting alternative behavior in a glamorous light can encourage spiritualation, which is true.
11:57 pm
>> well, first of all, peter, i'm on the record saying the blood and treasure expended in iraq was not worth it. secondly, your excuse -- and that's what it is, an excuse, for the gross waste of taxpayer dollars right now doesn't wash. the fed should reform the system if they want more tax money. >> i agree, critical mass has been reached. we are going to be reporting more on the tsa shortly. thrings have to change in this country now. >> yes, it does. and i thank you. i get my books in hard back because i like to put them in my library. if you buy "killing lincoln on" bill o'reilly dot-com, you get
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"eyes of justice," absolutely free of charge. that's a great deal. and pinheads & patriots, cnn anchor aaron burnett reported to marijuana day in colorado. >> we go to the university of boulder, colorado, in boulder. sorry, it's almost as if i was on some sort of drug. the campus is all but checked out for the marijuana checkout. >> it won't be the usual 4 20 tomorrow. >> that's a tragedy for a loll loll -- for a lot of people, for sure. how many misstresses are too many? really. >> far be it from me to call miss burnett a pinhead, you will have to make that call. do you think i should wear those glasses? they are voting yes because they want my career to be ruined. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site. get the talking points memo. if you come in late, you can
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